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Please check this out. I'm trying to clear up Double's back story as clear as possible. x.x I'm not a good writer so bear with it...
Double's Age Chart / A bit of History
Soooo I'm sorta rewriting and editing Double's history/backstory, but here are the stuffs I'm keeping, or maybe it is the back story. You can read the other version kn her ref, which is here:…

I don't know if this is needed, but just a mini trigger warning if there is one...? I dunno... since double was actually sexually abused.

Also, Double can't stand or walk at the age of 13 due to her leg, but I had to draw her that way. It was easier than sitting... >.< Anyway, let's just get this started. This may be a bit long, so thank you to those who have read the full thing.
-4 years old:
Double was becoming such a cry baby due to lack of attention. Both of her parents went their separate ways in a desperate need of divorce. The action seemed to make Double act... double sided, or well possibly bi-polar if that were the case. Her mother was working at a different state (due to a family fight) while her father would be working night shift, which did make him sleep throughout most of the day. Even Double's sister was busy with her mother, trying to take on her studies in the state their mother lived in. The only person who would actually pay attention and watch her would be, Milo. A big-brother like baby sitter that the parents trusted most, along side with his brother, Mathew (Or for some reason, Mac Mac.)

-6 years old:
Double has drifted farther apart from her family and has gotten used to Milo. They've grown a sibling like bond that was strong to the point where Double would ask Milo to be her big brother.
Sometime in the same year, Milo has had to take Double in his care completely, soon being told that Double's father had left a note and left just only a limited amount of money for the two to live on her own. Milo has also lost contact with Double's mother but only managed to get rare responses from Double's elder sister.

-9 years old:
It's been three years, and Double has never been happier with Mac Mac and Milo. Both would watch her, or take turns watching her if one had to help out at a local job for payment. Double finally thought that she has finally come over her cry baby stage. Until a few months down the road...
Mac Mac was.. Getting a bit close to Double as possible. A bit too close... She didn't know how, but it just... Happened. Mac Mac was there, holding her down in his room, trying to reach and touch her in places where she wished they didn't exist. She wanted to think that it was all just a nightmare, that it was all just a horrible dream, once she realized it wasn't, she saw how dark and twisted loved ones can be... It all brought back the memory of her mother and father leaving her. And with just one more move, she snapped at him, suddenly fighting back with a whole different side of herself... That side wanting revenge for the years of being tossed around like a toy...
Double has never seen Mac Mac ever since that night...

-11 years old:
Double was living now with only Milo after he gad gotten Mathew taken away by the police.
At times, Double was still her cheerful, bubbly self. It was as if she had forgotten the unpure things Mac Mac had done to her. However, there were times when she was someone completely different... A more reckless and disturbing side of her that showed as if.. Annie wasn't there at all...
One day, that reckless side brought her life down in a snap. Again, she didn't know how it happened... It was like dark magic had or hexes took over her life.. But somehow, somewhat, someway, she has gotten down with a terrible illness that not only threatened her life, but took away part of her right leg and kept her in bed for months... By the time Milo finally got her out of bed, she has been less... cold towards him we shall say. He's also been saving up material to build her a prosthetic leg.

-13 years old:
Double has recently gotten her prosthetic leg and has gotten along with Milo once again. Milo has also lost complete contact with Double's original family... But.. Just like before, their bond has been fixed and is now strong as ever. Even if she was struggling with her walking even if she couldn't even walk at all anymore Milo was there to help her, every step of the way.
[Slight time skip]
Milo has brought Double to the park to give her more space to practice her walking, only to have her save a baby blue bird that has fallen off a branch. But before the two placed the bird back in its nest, they've gotten reunited with the person who started this trigger madness for Double: Mathew, who only greeted them with bullets. Sadly, Milo was the first to fall from the sudden attack, but Double attempted to fight back just like she did before.
Only to get eight shots piercing into her body and eye, which quickly brought the cold breath of darkness towards her. Mathew, being one who was horrified and disgusted by the look of Double's mental and physical state decided to end everything off by dragging Double away and throwing her into a ditch along with the bird she saved, leaving her to rot and be eaten by maggots...

But we all knew that it wouldn't end that way...
Double belongs to me, and me alone.
Please, do not use my art without my consent
or word, unless I say so.
Thank you.
I'll post some art today, but uh, with mother nature being all angry, I'll be helping my family get supplied and ready.
So much for "The Sunshine State" living up to its name. But uh... Yeah...
I'm honestly scared...


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Well, 'ello mates. Call me H13, or Myuji, doesn't matter really.
Drawing, for me, was a mistake for me to have, but one of the
best mistakes ever.
I do take request from time to time, but don't always count on
it. I'll do it when I can..
I also am a CreepyPasta fan an anime fan (not a fockin weeaboo,
so shut up.)


"Music, art or nearly anything you love... Could be the BEST type of drug to have... So, very...
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Please, do not use my art for anything without my consent. Or unless I say so, thank you.



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